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How to connect a laptop or computer to a TV

How to connect a laptop or computer to a TV

Suppose you want to watch a movie or share a photo slideshow with your family on your PC, but the PC screen can be a bit limited. In such a situation, you can connect your computer to a TV screen to allow the whole family to watch comfortably.

There are many ways in which you can connect your laptop or desktop computer to a TV. However, the overall visual quality will be different for different methods. You can choose which one to use depending on the quality or availability of material. The first step is to know what type of ports and connections owns the TV. If you already know the type of ports and connections available on your hardware, you can skip to Step 2. Otherwise, the different types of ports are detailed below: connect-laptop-to-TV 

1) RCA Composite: The oldest and lowest quality connection. They are characterized by the colors: yellow, red and white, most of us are familiar with. Yellow is used for composite video, white for audio analog left and red for right analog audio.

2) S-Video: S-Video or Super Video offers slightly better quality than composite connections. As one of the oldest type of connections are available, most televisions and computers are equipped with this type of connector. There are two types of S-Video ports, one containing 4-pin and the other containing 7 pin. This type of connection is used only for the video. So you need to connect an audio cable to the headphone jack of your computer to the red and white audio inputs on your TV if you want to operate the audio .PC-Laptop-to-TV 
3) VGA (Video Graphics Array): Most computers and TVs with a VGA port. It provides much better quality than S-Video and should be preferred if you have an HDTV. As S-Video, VGA also does not support the audio and will require an additional audio cable. 
4) DVI: Digital Video Interface provides much better quality than VGA connections. Most laptops and HDTVs have these connections. Just as the name suggests, this type of connection can be used with digital TVs. In addition, as the previous two, DVI also require the use of an audio cable for audio work.

5) HDMI: High-quality connections available. Most HDTVs have this type of connection, however, your computer may not have it. If your computer is contains the HDMI connection, it should be preferably used. If this is not the case, you can use an HDMI to DVI adapter to convert HDMI to DVI.connect a laptop to the TV 

Step 2: Once if a port is shared between the two devices, you need the right connection cable to connect physically. The different types of connecting cables are shown above. If you can not find two types of corresponding connection ports, you'll need an adapter to connect the two types of connexions.Laptop-Computer-TV

Step 3: After connecting the two devices, on your TV, select the external input to which your TV is connected to the computer. It can be HDMI1 AV1 or depending on how you made the connection. This is very similar to how you select the input of your DVD player.

If you followed the steps correctly, your TV should display the screen of your computer.

Important: If your computer does not recognize the external display, you must connect the TV before you start your computer. If the picture is distorted, you will need to change the screen resolution of your TV by changing your computer's display settings. Most older TVs will support only one resolution screen while new TVs will support many of them.

Tips and tricks to better secure your PC

 Tips and tricks to better secure your PC

Here are some tips to help you make your PC secure.


1. We must never turn off your antivirus resident protection, even if it decreases the performance. Take the upgrade if necessary. 
2. Use the automatic update feature of your anti-virus and try not to ignore the message "Do you want to update now" often it might appear. 
3. Even if you update regularly and you have not seen any suspicious activity on your PC, a thorough analysis at least once a month. 
4. Always create an emergency boot disk and keep it in a safe place. 
5. Perform a deep analysis into safe mode at least once every two months to eliminate the virus that would otherwise remain hidden.


1. If you are not sure of the warning displayed by your firewall, do a search on the internet. 
2. A firewall is a powerful tool that requires understanding how the program works and exactly what it does and whether it is safe or not. Reading the help files is extremely important for a successful configuration of your firewall. 
3. If you run a third-party firewall, be sure to disable the Windows firewall. 
4. You can temporarily disable the firewall by right-clicking the icon in the toolbar. This is useful when you know a site that you can trust, but your firewall blocks it. But remember to re-enable it as soon as possible. 
5. Read the firewall notice carefully when they pop up so you do not let a bad thing or prevent proper circulation.


1. You need to check regularly for updates. and enable the automatic update. 

2. Remember to do a scan time to time, or schedule a case-or your schedule allows. Use a single folder for all your downloads the Windows installation folder and registry. Alternatively, you can do a quick scan if your schedule allows.


1. Be patient with anti-spam software, it will get better over time. 

2. Even if it seems that your anti-spam software works very well, periodically check the "spam" folder. None of the anti-spam software is perfect right now.
 3. Do not give your anti-spam software too many rules.

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How to speed up internet on your Chrome browser

How to speed up internet on your Chrome browser

1. disable plugins

To work faster and lighter on your Chrome browser, uninstall some plugins for your browser. Too many plugins can slow down your browsing speed. Follow the steps below and start removing your additional plugins from your browser.

1 Open your Chrome browser and go to the following address

chrome: // plugins /
For a complete list of extensions installed on your browser, simply click on the key icon on your toolbar, go to Tools and click Extensions.
2 You will now see a list of extensions that supports your browser.
3. Simply uncheck the extensions that are not needed or just delete those extensions that are not needed.
You will surely see some changes in your browsing speed when you remove the extensions of your browser.3.Effacer navigation data
You already know that if you browse a Web site, Chrome automatically collects the cached text, cookies and other site data. Therefore, when you click again on this website address, it consumes less time to load the web page.
Although caching and cookies are really made to accelerate the Chrome browser, but sometimes they are responsible for decreasing your browsing speed.
The following steps will help you clean up your browsing data -
1 Click the icon as I mentioned earlier.
2 Choose Tools> Clear browsing data.
3 Simply choose the time interval and other additional features that are listed below in this dialog box, press Clear browsing data.
If you encounter any problems or confusion after reading this article, you can certainly leave a comment below in the comment box.

Tips In Microsoft Office 2007 And Free Download



Tips In Microsoft Office 2007

Show documents in draft mode
One thing that annoys us about Word 2007 is that it does not automatically open a document in the project (which was normal view in earlier versions of Word). To do this, click the Office button> Word Options> Advanced> General. Then click the box next to "Allow opening a document in Blurring mode."Show formatting marks
The formatting marks Word for spaces and paragraphs are very important when creating a paragraph, but for Word 2007 users who can not, go to Office button> Word Options> View. Then, under "Always show these formatting marks on the screen," check the box to the spaces, paragraph marks, and more.Preview page break in Excel
Printing an Excel spreadsheet can be a problem, but you do not need to go to the Print Preview to see where a page break. Click the Office button, and under Excel Options, click Advanced. Under "Display options for this worksheet," click the "Show page breaks."Check your styleastuces-office-2007
First, Word may check your spelling and grammar, now it can even criticize your writing style. If you are concerned about things like the verbosity and improper use of the passive voice, Word 2007 can check for you. Click the Office button> Word Options> Proofing. Under the writing style, grammar and style select from the drop down menu. If there are particular areas that you want Word to scrutinize, click the adjacent Settings button, and uncheck the appropriate boxes.Back to old formats   
The latest version of Office includes new default file extensions that are not compatible with previous versions; you are required to download and install a plug-in. But if you want to create a file with the old version of Office. Select Save As, and then under "Save documents", choose the former Office file extension from the drop down menu next to "Save files in this format. 

Free Download CCleaner v5.03.5128 For Remove Unused Files

System Requirements

Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, but not RT tablet editions.

Release notes

v5.03.5128 (24 Feb 2015)
- Added Google Chrome IndexedDB cleaning.
- Improved Windows 10 (build 9926) compatibility.
- Improved Firefox and Google Chrome session cleaning.
- Improved Unicode support in Startup tool.
- Improved keyboard navigation and shortcuts.
- Updated various translations.
- Minor GUI Improvements.
- Minor bug fixes. 



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